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The Sunday Post: Weekly Wrap Up #2

Aaaand that’s another week of August gone by! Time flies, especially when you have midterms going on. It’s been rough last week so there’s a lot I haven’t really gotten around to doing, but all things considered I think I am doing fine.

Personal life

I feel like talking about what’s been happening in my non-blogging life…just because. Some time ago, I made my first personal post The Hard Part where I talked about how after falling for a guy I knew I couldn’t have I decided to focus on taking care of myself instead, because I was getting too attached to him. Well…there’s an update: it turned out the guy was sort of into me. And he and his girlfriend had been broken up for a while, which means he wasn’t unattainable after all.

Great, right?

Well, yeah it was until last week he told me that he’d decided to go back to his ex.

Yeah that wasn’t great.

But I am okay! Sure, I miss him a lot everyday but I am still focusing on myself right now, doing the things that I know would make me happy in the long run. Blogging and reading has been especially helpful in this case–these are the two things that I am passionate about and I have set both blogging and reading goals for myself so I have something to work towards and look forward to. So I guess even though there’s that annoying, constant pain of heartbreak shadowing me, on the happy scale of 1-10 I am still currently on 9 because of the way I have been getting all my important tasks done, and that’s something to be proud of, yeah?


I have posted for two weeks in a row this month! I was half afraid that after taking a hiatus that lasted for more than a year I wouldn’t be able to find that spark again but I was wrong: if anything, that long break made me fall in love with blogging all over again.

I would have posted more, but I had midterms going on till Thursday and was in desperate need of a break afterwards.

I have also read some really great posts last week by other bloggers, so be sure to check them out!

I have also joined a Discord server for new book bloggers and honestly, it is the best! Everyone is so sweet and supportive. There are over 200+ bloggers so I haven’t really had the time to follow everyone yet, but I am getting there. I just really love how friendly everyone is, and how easy they are to talk to. Bookworms are the nicest people I swear.


Still reading The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. Progress slowed down a bit due to exams (and then some during the weekend because I was just really tired) but I think I’ll finish it tonight. If you have read it do let me know your thoughts (spoiler-free, duh) in the comments below!


So last year I did this thing called The Never Ending Poem–the idea was to write a few lines of poetry every day. None of the poems had to make sense, the idea was to write whatever came to mind to simply develop the habit of writing a little bit everyday. (I forgot where I got the idea from; it was somewhere on the internet but I can’t find it now). Obviously being the kind of lazy person I am couldn’t really write a poem every day, but I did a write a poem every few weeks of the year.

Now, here’s the funny thing.

Each of those poems that I wrote were about different events that had happened last year and were inspired by different events. As such, each poem had a different, unique meaning behind them.

And yet…

When you read all those small, different, individual poems together, they become one whole complete poem with a completely different meaning. And well, it’s hard to explain it in words, but, reading the entire thing like that made me very, very emotional. It never fails to amaze me how beautiful it is to create something.

This year, I have decided to try The Never-Ending Poem once again, except this time I plan on sharing it on Wattpad so others can read it too. In fact, the first poem should be up sometime this week.

Image 6

And that’s it for today guys! How was your week? If you have wrap up posts to share (or any other posts for that matter) feel free to send me the links in the comments below!

The Sunday Post: Weekly Wrap Up #2



7 thoughts on “The Sunday Post: Weekly Wrap Up #2”

  1. Meh heartbreak is a part of life I suppose, not that I’d know I’ve had one boyfriend in my life so far, we mutually broke up and are still really good friends now so *shrugs* Poetry!!!! Aaaah I’m on wattpad, although I seem to be writing more fanfic than anything lately, to keep me in the habit of writing. I do have some original stuff on my profile, if you want to check it out my username on there is @wolfess21. My recent fanfics have my own lyrics in them, I also have one shots which are another good way to write regularly 😉

    Hope mid terms go alright for you, and I hope you have a great weel <3 (also The Darkest Minds killed me in the best possible way, Liam <3 I want a Liam so badly)

    1. Ooooh I am definitely going to follow you on wattpad! And yes–heartbreak is just another part of growing up I suppose. I have an ex like that too, though it wasn’t a mutual break up, (I was the one to call it quits) but we ended up becoming the best of friends.

      I ship Chub and Ruby but every scene between Liam and Ruby makes me smile! Those two are adorable together!

      1. Yayyy and yeah, I’m waiting to go through a messy break up – wanna know what all this heartbreak is about *chuckles* that won’t happen till I find a guy tho, which could take a while hehe

        Chub and Ruby xD hilarious, I always loved their scenes together but I just love Liam and Ruby so much more haha

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