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How I Read Tag

Thanks to Lydia at 22 Is Still Young Adult for tagging me! This looks like fun.

How do you find out about new books to read?

Goodreads, and recently through reviews posted by other bloggers. I also check out the Netgalley lists for books to add to my TBR list.

How did you get into reading?

I grew up listening to fairytales since I was a child–bedtime stories weren’t enough for me; I needed a story at breakfast, at lunch, after school, before studying, and well…you get the gist. So it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when I started devouring books as soon as I learned to spell. Also, my parents, my Nanu (maternal grandmother) as well as uncles and aunts (again on my maternal side) are all avid readers, so of course I am no different.

How has your taste in books changed as you got older?

I used to read a lot of classics and non-English titles. Now, for the past three years I have mostly read YA and all English titles but I’m trying to break out of that routine and be as diverse a reader as I can be.

How often do you buy books?

I buy physical books whenever my mom lets me which isn’t often–ever since she discovered e-books, she insists on buying those for me since they literally don’t take up space. And as we are a family of readers, you can imagine how much of our space is used up for all of our books.

How did you get into book reviewing?

I am not sure but I think I got the idea when I was planning to make a blog for my book-obsession. I figured if I was gonna make a book blog, might as well make it a book reviewing blog.

How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?

tumblr_inline_mh7s7yFlGP1qbf3gtI now tag:

Mud And Stars

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Do it! Don’t do it! It’s still fun.

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Read It? Watch it!

Read It Watch IT

I was tagged by Bea When Curiosity Killed The Cat

The rules are simple:

  1. Pick a book
  2. Choose a tv series/ movie that is similar to the book
  3. Tag someone!

Even though I watch a lot of TV shows and movies this was a bit hard for me, but here you go:

  1. If you liked:

Read It? Watch it!

Then read:


Wonder is beautifully written story about a physically deformed 11-year-old child. Edward Scissorhands is a beautiful movie about a man with scissors for hands. Neither can blend in our society, not when they were meant to stand out. That’s a quote from Palacio.

2) If you liked:

Read It? Watch it!

Then read:

9460487Just like Marvel’s X-men series, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children By Ransom Riggs is a well written, amazingly illustrated story about “peculiar children’–kids of all ages with superpowers. The best part? The book is full of actual photographs of the characters, the settings, and even some of the events in the story. The writer originally meant it to be a picture-book for kids, but the photographs he collected inspired him to give life to what is without a doubt, one of the best stories I have read!

Also, Tim Burton is making a movie adaptation for this book!

3) If you liked:

Read It? Watch it!Then read:

Kami Garcia/Unbreakable
Kami Garcia/Unbreakable

Both has demons, ghosts, angels, lots of scare that left me sleepless at night, and two insanely hot guys. Can’t go wrong with that!

4) If you liked:

Read It? Watch it!

Then read:

100374-oBoth belongs to the Science Fiction genre, and both explores the concepts of parallel universes. If you haven’t watched Fringe yet, I pity you–you don’t know what you’re missing. If you haven’t read Tandem yet–I pity you, you don’t know what you’re missing.

5) If you liked:

Read It? Watch it!

Then read:


People with superpowers trying to fulfill their destiny while also being hunted down by madmen? This book and this movie have a lot more in common than you might think.

6) If you liked:

Read It? Watch it!

Then you must read:

Read It? Watch it!

They are both similar in the way that entire place is isolated from the rest of the world by a strange phenomenon–except that in Michael Grant’s Gone, children below the age of fifteen are stuck inside the dome, and all of the adults disappear. I can’t say much about the tv series, but you have got to read this book!

7) If you liked:

Read It? Watch it!

Then read:


Penelope is a girl cursed with a pig nose. North of Beautiful is about a girl with port-wine stain. They both feature romance, self-discovery, acceptance and the addresses the question: is beauty really skin deep?

8)  If you liked:

Read It? Watch it!

Then read:

Read It? Watch it!

I love foreign films, and Pan’s Labyrinth is also the only film I know that features the faeries the way they are portrayed in the Iron Fey series. However, this isn’t the only the book and the movie has in common. While both are significantly different, they also follow the story of two girls as they discover a strange magical world, are forced to do dangerous tasks and in the end make a huge sacrifice for their brothers.

9) If you liked:

Read It? Watch it!Then read:

13455782Shatter Me is actually quite similar to X-men–the main protagonist actually has Rogue’s power–but it is also very, very similar to Heroes with the whole save-the-world theme.

Also, if you liked Heroes, then I love you and you are officially one of the coolest people ever!

Save the cheerleader. Save the world.

I’m sorry but I cannot talk about Heroes without saying that. Or without fangirling!

Read It? Watch it!

Well, that is it guys. I’d love it if you did this tag too, so whoever is reading this…YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED!

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3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 1

I was tagged by Birds that ❤ words and Susannevalenti for this challenge. The rules are simple:

  1. Post 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days
  2. Thanks the bloggers who tagged you
  3. Nominate three new bloggers for the challenge

This is my quote for day 1. It’s actually a song lyric from Marina And The Diamond’s Fear And Loathing, and its one that I can always relate to.

quote3I now nominate the following people (you don’t have to do it if you have done it already):

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