Dramatic Bookworm Problems
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Top 5 Dramatic Bookworm Problems

Happy Tuesday again friends! This week’s Top 5 Tuesday topic demands that I let my inner diva take the stage, and I am all for it! Here are my top 5 dramatic bookworm problems, and if you think I am being extra, then please take the exit on the left. 💋

For those who don’t know, Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme originally created by The Bionic Bookworm and now hosted by Meeghan from Meeghan Reads.

~ Top 5 Dramatic Bookworm Problems ~

Dramatic Bookworm Problems

Let me be the first to say that bookworms have to be the easiest to please species on planet Earth. All we want is an infinite amount of time to read books, an infinite amount of money to buy books, and infinite bookshelves for growing our collection. 

So, really, you cannot be surprised when you stumble across a bookworm having a crisis–it might look like a dramatic bookworm problem to you, but for us, these problems are enough to give us an instant headache.

1. Being Interrupted While Reading

Don’t you just hate it when you are reading a particularly riveting scene in a book, but then the real world begins to demand your attention? For me, this is my number one dramatic bookworm problem, and let me warn you: if you interrupt me while I am reading, it ain’t my fault if you end up with minor injuries. 

2. When Someone Asks To Borrow A Book

I have honestly lost count of how many books I have lost simply because I made the terrible mistake of trusting another with my precious. After multiple betrayals, I think it’s perfectly justifiable for me to have a panic attack when someone pesters me about borrowing a book. 

3. Choosing Only ONE Favorite Character Or Book

I absolutely HATE this question. Why should I have to pick only ONE favorite character or book when there are so many wonderful stories being born every day? Why pick only one, when each story is unique in its own way? Would you pick a favorite among your children? Absolutely not! So stop asking us to choose!

4. Losing Your Place In The Book You’ve Been Reading

Yes, it’s true that I will use anything I have nearby as my bookmark—hair clips, money bills, pens, jewelry…you name it. But even with all the best precautions in place, accidents can happen. And every time I lose my place in a book I have been reading, I swear I could feel my heart pounding in my ears until I am able to find it again.

What? You think I am being dramatic? You try finding your place in a six-hundred-page novel and then talk.

5. Finishing An Amazing Book And Not Having Anyone To Vent To

There’s no worse feeling in the world than finishing an amazing book and not having anyone to talk about it with.

Yeah, no. This is not even a dramatic bookworm problem. This is a CRISIS!

THANK GOD for the book blogger’s community, because, without it, I’d probably go nuts obsessing over fictional characters and not have anyone understand why I am freaking out. Thank you so much for existing my fellow bookworms! 💜 

And these are my most annoying, dramatic bookworm problems. Let me know which of these you can relate to in the comments below, or share your post link so I can go check it out!

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Top 5 Dramatic Bookworm Problems

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Top 5 Dramatic Bookworm Problems

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