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10 Things Non-Readers Do That Annoy Me

Ahh, non-readers. Those odd, clueless species who are so bewildered when they see a reader crying over fictional characters, gushing about worlds that do not exist and cancelling plans because we’d like to finish one more incredible chapter. We know that our habits perplex them…even annoy them. All we do is read, and read, and read. 

We understand their frustrations, of course, don’t we? In fact, we have our frustrations too, because non-readers do a lot of things too that annoys us and sometimes makes us want to smack their heads with those very heavy books we cherish. And here is a list of just 10 of those annoying things that non-readers do that seriously annoy me:

10 Things Non-Readers Do That Annoy Me

1. Asking me endless questions about the book I am reading WHEN I am reading it

Seriously. This is extremely annoying. Here I am, perfectly minding my own business and reading this super sexy scene between my OTP when out of nowhere some idiot who obviously cannot see that I am busy, pops in and starts asking me a million questions: Hey, what are you reading? What is this book about? Oh, it’s a YA? So, kinda like Twilight? It’s not like Twilight? Well what happens in this book?


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2. Assuming I do not have a social life simply because I enjoy reading

While it is true that I am a very introverted person and therefore don’t really have an active social life, it is not because I enjoy reading. I am introverted and awkward for no other reason than the fact that it is just my personality. I can understand where this idea comes from–many bookworms are introverted–but it is honestly a very inaccurate stereotype. My sister for instance is an avid reader too, and she reads more books than I do, but she also has a huge circle of friends and is always busy going to different events, and parties and just simply socializing. Enjoying reading has nothing to do with enjoying or (not enjoying) socializing with people.

3. Asking me “but don’t you get bored reading so many books?”

Nope. I don’t. Do you get bored spending so many hours on Facebook? Do you get bored watching so many movies or listening to so many songs and binge watching so many TV shows? I didn’t think so. In fact, I read “so many books” because I get bored when I am not reading.


4. Assuming they know everything about a book because they watched the movie

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any film adaptation must not truly reflect the source material it is based on. And if you can’t recognize the quote that I just twisted for the purpose of this post, it is because you did not read the excellent classic known as Pride and Prejudice; you only watched the excellent 2005 movie.

5. Asking me to lend them some books SIMPLY because I have soooooo many books

Would you let someone borrow one of your children simply because you have sooooooo many kids? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

6. Assuming that I am showing off because I read in public, because I have a blog AND a bookstagram account, and because I share my Goodreads Reading Challenge progress on Instagram

Oh, how dare I painstakingly photograph books and post them on Instagram instead of painstakingly doing my makeup and posting selfies? Oh, how dare I read a book in front of you instead of talking to you about mundane things that do not interest me? Oh, how dare I?

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7. Didn’t you already read this book?

Didn’t you already hear that song? Why are you listening to it again? God, you even have all the lyrics memorized. So weird.

8. Assuming that I am not practical because I am always reading fantasy and science fiction

My dear, I am well aware that teeth aren’t wishes, I am well aware that there are no flying magical crystals containing morally ambiguous sentient beings inside them, and I am well aware that if you jump through the mouth of a dead volcano you will probably die instead of reaching the center of the Earth where there is a surprisingly habitable world housing dinosaurs and other long dead creatures of the past.

Reading fantasy books does not blur the line between what is real and what isn’t.

Reading fantasy books does, however, help me have a deeper understanding about social issues that are plaguing the world today and have been plaguing us for years and years. All fantasy and science fiction books take inspirations from what has already happened in our history and what is happening in the world today.

Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale not only happened in the history of several countries and cultures, but is even happening today to a certain, dangerous extent in many countries worldwide.

N.K Jemisin’s The Broken Earth trilogy explores systematic oppression that happened in many cultures and races in this world. 

Begum Rokeya’s feminist utopia Sultana’s Dream is science fiction, but it is science fiction that explores all the things that women are perfectly capable of, written in a time when women were forced to stay indoors and denied basic education. And these are just a few books that I mentioned in a long list of many, many fantasy and science fiction books that take inspiration from historical events and current social problems we face today.

So, no, reading fantasy and science fiction does not make me impractical. It actually makes me more knowledgeable about topics that everyone should try to understand and learn more about everyday.

9. Removing my bookmark even if it is for fun

Don’t. Seriously. Just don’t.

10. Assuming that I am not interested in makeup simply because I am a reader

I personally don’t like makeup because it simply does not interest me. It has nothing to do with me being a reader. I am so sick of this attitude that non-readers have! I am particularly sensitive about this stereotype because I often see people not taking my little sister seriously when she talks about books, SIMPLY BECAUSE SHE LOVES WEARING MAKEUP.

Believe it or not, I have actually heard people ask her how she finds the time and patience to read when she spends so much time doing makeup. It is so infuriating. Reading books and putting on makeup are not mutually exclusive activities. Human beings are multi-faceted and stereotypes like these limit people in a very negative way.

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Image 6

This was supposed to be a silly, fun post, and it is, but I think no. 8 and no. 9 should be taken a bit more seriously. The old cliche is true–books open worlds, no matter what the genre is. And don’t even get me started on how wrong it is to stereotype people–I could write several posts about that and still have a lot to say about it. Anyway, if you are a reader, what are some things that non-readers do that annoy you? 

10 Things Non-Readers Do That Annoy Me



16 thoughts on “10 Things Non-Readers Do That Annoy Me”

  1. I totally agree with this post! I’m also a very introverted person! I always get the “don’t you get bored reading so many books?” comment from the non readers. It really is annoying! Another thing that annoys me was that they assume that we’re nerds and there are some people who thinks reading fiction books are waste of time.

    1. I feel you friend. I don’t mind when people call me a nerd–I aspire to be a nerd 😂 but I don’t think people should make assumptions. And I hate people who think non-fiction are the only books worth reading, there is so much to learn from fiction books too 😍

  2. Hahaha #7! Also #5! I do everything from pretending not to hear someone’s request to borrow my books to telling them straightforward that I don’t trust them with one XD I love this post!

    1. Hehehe same here! I just tell them that I don’t give books to anyone (it’s a blatant lie: I only let bookworms and one or two trusted friends borrow my books).

  3. This is so true in so many ways! I couldn’t help but laugh because I know so many people (dearest friends included!) who had questions like these. Some of them were genuinely baffled, while others look like they want a laugh. But I get where this is coming from and it can be annoying especially when we are so engrossed in a world that only books can bless us with.

    (Also it annoys me when people do #1 because it ridiculously throws me off a loop and it causes me to forget the book I’m reading for some time, especially if I’m just a few chapters in. 😑)

    1. No. 1 is something that I see annoys EVERY reader ever. I have had these questions from well-meaning people, and you know, because they are genuinely baffled as you said, they don’t irritate me. I actually find their questions hilarious.

      BUT once in a while I will come across some judgemental people who ask these questions and act like reading is SO beneath them. Thankfully, those people are like one in ten. At least in my case XD

  4. Can I just say, all of this spot on! ESPECIALLY the makeup ones. The idea of all readers being frumpy and unfashionable is just as tired and outdated as the idea that if someone wears makeup, they’re not a real reader. Also, if someone removes my bookmark, to me that’s a sign that they just don’t want their fingers anymore since they refuse to use them responsibly.

    1. Hahaha yes! I totally agree that they must not really want their fingers if they think removing a bookmark is okay. This was just supposed to be a fun, easy post but I do think the last parts about stereotyping is something that needs to end.

      Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving your thoughts! I hope you encounter more non-readers who will respect your bookmarks and won’t make assumptions just because you read <3

  5. Omg yes, or asking me “what are you reading”, when they clearly won’t know, because no muggle ever knows anything that’s not a classic or not Gone Girl or something. Argh 😀 “what is it about” is second on my list of “annoying AF” xD

    LOL bored reading books.. If you were, you probably wouldn’t keep reading them xD I get bored watching movies a lot. So that’s why I don’t watch them 😀

    OMG THEY HAVE REMOVED YOUR BOOKMARK?? THAT IS BRUTAL I CAN’T EVEN!! That’s one plus of the kindle. Although I hate it when you show it to people cause “they have never seen the like” and they scroll off somewhere into CHAPTERS AWAY argh. That has happened. No touchie. NOOOOOO touchie. My kindle is basically the equivalent of my boobs xD

    Thankfully, nobody has assumed anything about make up about me because of my reading (I don’t wear make up because of allergies). I would be so mad xD

    Loved your post!

    1. Hahaha I think I like to think of my bookmarks as equivalent of my boobs, In fact, I’ll tell that to my friends next time they try to remove my bookmarks–annoying imbeciles!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments Avalinah! I am sorry for the late reply–I have been fighting a cold for over two weeks now and don’t really have much energy left in me to do anything but read (even then it’s hard because my head constantly hurts -_-)

      1. Don’t worry, you can’t beat me in replying late 😀 haha! Because I replied to your SEPTEMBER comments last weekend LOL… being busy is real! I hope your cold gets better soon. Cold headaches are so tiring. Get well soon!

  6. Brilliant! I’m familiar with most of these but the one that irks me most is the question if I don’t want to do something else than read and if I don’t have enough books already! No and I’ll never have enough is the answer!

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