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The TBR Randomiser Challenge

TBR Randomiser

One of my New Year’s resolution was to be more active on Goodreads–a site that I have studiously ignored just because. Recently I joined this group 2016 Reading Challenge and it’s pretty cool. There are plenty of cool challenges and the bookish community is super friendly as always. Anyway, one of the challenges I signed up for is The TBR Randomiser Challenge.

This is a really cool challenge and I would love it if you guys participated too! The rules are simple:

  1. Select the number of books you want to read for this challenge
  2. Go to the “My Books” tab on the top of the Goodreads Page.
  3. Bring up your “To-Read” shelf.
  4. On the bottom of the page in the middle, go to the “sort” field and select “Random.”
  5. Goodreads will generate a random list of books for you.
  6. READ!

Sounds fun, right? No? Oh, okay. These are the books Goodreads chose for me. It just so happens that I was reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard when GR chose this book for me.

I’m really hoping this will help reduce my ever-growing TBR pile! Let me know what’s on your reading list.

Because of my neck injury I won’t be posting anything for a while. I’ll try to put up random posts to keep the blog going but reviews probably won’t be up until after the 10th. Thanks for understanding you lovelies!

The TBR Randomiser Challenge



4 thoughts on “The TBR Randomiser Challenge”

    1. Hi there! I did start that book like 5 times and I loved it but I never got around to finishing it because it is so emotional. What’s scary is that I could relate to how the writer felt so I never found courage to finish this book. But I will read it this year hopefully. On a 5 star rating scale how would you rate it?

      1. 5! 😀 it’s an awesome novel. I found Esther to be rather relatable as well. I think most people can relate to her at least to some degree. Don’t be afraid to finish the book, there’s no reason for that 🙂

        1. Esther is such a darling protagonist. I couldn’t help but find her very talented, and if only therapy was more developed back then perhaps she would have been happier. Idk. And yes this time I hope I do finish it–I just lose the courage to continue because I become so emotionally invested in her. The fact that this is an autobiography of Sylvia Plath does not help at all. 😢

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