Announcements: Blogoween+The Classics Club TBR


(and I come bearing news)

It’s good to be back on the blog, but the hiatus was a much needed break because of how stressful things are right now in my life–my mom recently fractured her ankle so I have to do the groceries and take my sister to her classes and pick her up from classes too, none of which would not have been so difficult if only I didn’t have 8-5 classes myself.

(in fact I am trying really hard not to fall asleep on my laptop as I write this post)

(and so this is gonna be a very quick and short post…minus the tbr list below)

I’ll admit that a small part of me still wants to extend the hiatus, but I really didn’t want to miss Blogoween–the book blogger’s version of Halloween  which is being hosted by some lovely people I met through #NewBloggers (you’ll get to know them all as I start posting on the prompt dates).

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