2023 Year In Review written on a pink backdrop.
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2023 Year In Review

The end of every year is always such a sentimental time for me. I am introspective by nature, so of course on New Year’s Eve I will be sitting alone in my room, slightly tipsy on a few glasses of wine, lofi music playing on the background while I reflect on everything that has happened to write my 2023 year in review.

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Books About Palestine
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10 Books About Palestine You Should Read Right Now

With the genocide happening in Palestine and all the media circus surrounding it, I have been coming across several resources sharing some of the best books about Palestine people should read to gain a better understanding of the situation. I wanted to take the moment to step away from today’s regular Top Ten Tuesday post to talk about this issue that matters so much to me.

And so, instead of following this week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic, let’s talk about some of the best books about Palestine that can help you understand why this violence shouldn’t be labeled “Israel-Palestine conflict” and how exactly it started all those years ago.

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Genocide In Palestine
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Why The Genocide In Palestine Hits So Close To Home

The past few weeks have been…well, to say that the ongoing genocide in Palestine isn’t affecting me would be a complete lie. I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to these things, but as it happens I think I might need to step away from the internet for a while and disappear into fictional places. I understand that’s a very privileged thing to say, but I am well aware that the fact that I can write these words down without fearing for my life, in the comfort and the safety of a house that is not under the threat of being bombed, that in and of itself is a great luxury.

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