Review: Someone In Time by Jonathan Strahan
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Review: Someone In Time by Jonathan Strahan

The older I grow, the more fondness I seem to have for romance novels. And the love stories that resonate with me the most are usually the ones where two people need to overcome impossible challenges to find their way back to each other.

Review: Someone In Time by Jonathan Strahan

Someone In Time, an anthology made up of the works of some of the most brilliant writers skilled in telling stories of science fiction, is one of those treasure troves of love stories that I am always going to cherish. Thank you so much to the publisher, and Lola’s Book Tours for giving me the opportunity to read this amazing book.

Review: Someone In Time by Jonathan Strahan

Even time travel can’t unravel love

Time-travel is a way for writers to play with history and imagine different futures – for better, or worse.

When romance is thrown into the mix, time-travel becomes a passionate tool, or heart-breaking weapon. A time agent in the 22nd century puts their whole mission at risk when they fall in love with the wrong person. No matter which part of history a man visits, he cannot not escape his ex. A woman is desperately in love with the time-space continuum, but it doesn’t love her back. As time passes and falls apart, a time-traveller must say goodbye to their soulmate.

With stories from best-selling and award-winning authors such as Seanan McGuire, Alix E. Harrow and Nina Allan, this anthology gives a taste for the rich treasure trove of stories we can imagine with love, loss and reunion across time and space. 

As the name itself suggests, Someone In Time is a collection of time travel romance, and every story has a unique, thought-provoking message for the reader to ponder. Some of my favorites, off the top of my head, are Roadside Attractions by Alex E. Harrow, The Past Life Reconstruction Service by Zen Cho, The Place Of All the Souls by Margo Lanagan, and Romance: Historical by Rowan Coleman.

It goes without saying that all the stories written by these talented authors were unforgettable in their own unique way, and though they were all different stories with their own distinctive tone, message, and motifs, they all contributed to the overall theme of the anthology: at the end of the day Someone In Time is a book about opportunities lost and found, mistakes made and learned, forgiveness earned and granted, all in the name of love.

If you ever find yourself mourning for relationships that were lost, and need something to inspire you to move forward, to be brave again, then I would strongly recommend this book–reading this anthology has been, in some ways, a healing experience for me, as I am sure it will be for others too.

Hear It From The Editor: Jonathan Strahan On The Making Of ‘Someone In Time’

I am super lucky to get the chance to have the editor of Somone In Time, Jonathan Strahan, share a guest post here at The Keysmash Blog, in which he talks about his experience in collecting and compiling the love stories for Someone In Time, and his thoughts what makes an anthology not just good, but great and unforgettable.

Review: Someone In Time by Jonathan Strahan



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  1. ahhhh hi!! i’m new to your blog BUT IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING ALREADY!! THE DESIGN IS GORGEOUS AND I LOVEEE THE NAME!!!! also, this review is SO SO BEAUTIFUL, and tysm for convincing me that i need this book in my life right away!!! i can’t wait to read it and am so so glad you enjoyed it so much!! looking forward to your future posts and interacting more with you ❤❤

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