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October Resolutions

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I love the last day of a month and the first day of the month, because there is something about moving from one month to the next that makes me feel inspired and encouraged. New beginnings and all that jazz. September was a good month for me, and I look forward to whatever October is bringing.


Last month, my goal was to write up four to six posts–a very small goal, I know–but September was a month of midterms and so I didn’t want to put extra pressure on myself. As much as I love blogging, I have to prioritize real life duties over blogger duties.

I also managed to prepare most of my university tasks this month in advance, so this month I have a slightly harder blogging goals for myself. I plan on posting three to four times a week here, and once a week on my personal blog. I also hope to find and follow more diverse bloggers this month, especially South Asian and Muslim bloggers, because I believe that these marginalized communities deserve some spotlight.


Since I’ll be focusing more on my blog, I have decided to give myself an easier reading goal. This month, I plan to read no more than 4-6 books, all of which will count for two reading challenges: The Creature Challenge hosted by my favorite Goodreads group YA Buddy Reader’s Corner, and the Urban Legends Challenge, created by my friends and I for our very own Bangladeshi bookworms/book bloggers/bookstagrammers group.


If you have read my September Resolution post, then you already know about Bookstagram BD. It is a facebook group my friends and I created in an attempt to grow the reading, book blogging and (in particular) bookstagramming community in Bangladesh.  Although most of our members are Bangladeshis living here, or abroad, we do accept non-Bangladeshi bookworms as well, so feel free to join us here.


Speaking of bookstagram, I am finally starting become somewhat active in my bookstagram account @emm_reads Though I am not participating in photo challenges this month–mostly because taking photos and posting them daily is too stressful for me–I do plan on posting bookish photos every three days a week. My main goal however is to learn how to  take better photos and edit them better, because it is clear that I do not have the aesthetic sense that most bookstagrammers possess.

And that is it for this month. I am not setting any writing goals just yet, because I am focusing on outlining novels and writing at least one poem a week. And also because for some reason, I want to focus more on my blog and my bookstagram this month. Here’s to hoping I can do all that I have planned for myself, or at the very least do better than I did before.

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Do you have any goals for yourself next month? Do you believe in making monthly resolutions as opposed to yearly ones? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

October Resolutions



11 thoughts on “October Resolutions”

  1. Nice goals! I used to try to make goals for myself but always found that I wouldnt stick to them if I posted about it. Then i would feel bad bc I wasnt keeping my goals so now i just wing it xD i wanted to try bookstragram but just didnt work out for me, i take REALLY BAD pics xD

    1. Same here! I still do it because despite the awful photos I actually enjoy doing it. Who knows? Maybe practice will make me better? And awww it’s fine if you are winging it! We all have our processes.

  2. These are great goals! I hope you’ll manage to make it this month – and that September and your mid-terms went well 🙂 Best of luck for the reading challenges as well. <3
    I never really make goals for myself, whether they are monthly or yearly – I try not to, otherwise I just set myself up for disappointment ahahah, I try to make to-do-lists at certain moments in my life or in the week for sure, but otherwise…yeah, these kind of resolutions aren't always my thing. I think I don't like the pressure ahah. Hope you'll have a great October! xx

    1. Thanks Marie! And hey that’s fine too. I am kind of weird with these things–planning in advance and setting goals for myself helps me with my anxiety and makes me feel good about my overall progress. But I agree that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Hope you have a wonderful month ahead! <3

  3. I didn’t have any…but after I read your post, maybe I will make some reading goals this month. I’m a bit lost in my bookish life right now. I don’t update my blog as often as I want to and my book reviews are only in my Goodreads account. And I feel you on the bookstagram struggle!!! My feed isn’t the prettiest but I still post pics, no matter how plain they look. I do it mostly for myself, just an outlet and I want to share my bookish thoughts. 🙂 Hope you achieve all your goals this month!

    1. My philosophy in life is to enjoy whatever I choose to do :p So I totally encourage you to post your bookstagrams if it makes you feel good regardless of whether or not they come out pretty <3 And yes I didn't use to update my blog or Goodreads either but I noticed that once you start being more active on GR you start to do better with your reading goals as well. Well atleast that's what happened to me :p

      What's on your TBR for this month? I have a lot of vampire/urban legend books lined up because of the challenges mentioned.

      1. My TBR is a mess! I think I’m freaking out because I’ll be out of the country for two weeks for my brother’s wedding and this means that I can’t do much reading. So. I can’t bring all my physical books with me and those are the ones I really want to read right now. But I’m currently rereading City of Ashes which I included for my October TBR anyway. I do intend to read IT by Stephen King too. Obviously that book is humongous (I have a hardback copy) so I can’t bring it with me, but I can settle for an ebook version. 🙂

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