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Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition

We are half-way into 2021 and every day it seems there’s a new exciting book coming out. This summer, there are few specific books that I cannot wait to get my hands. In particular, I am super excited to read new books from Elizabeth Lim, the brilliant Young Adult fantasy author who penned masterpieces like Spin The Dawn and Tahmima Anam, one of the most popular writers from my home land Bangladesh who wrote award winning novels like The Good Muslim and A Golden Age.

Most Anticipated Book Releases Of July 2021

From enchanting fantasy novels, to cute contemporary romances and intense, fast-paced thrillers, here are the most anticipated books of July 2021 that I have added on my ever-growing TBR pile.

1. The Startup Wife By Tahmima Anam

Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition

I fell in love with Anam’s writing when I read The Good Muslim, and ever since she has been one of the authors whose books I will automatically buy whenever they come out.

Her upcoming novel, The Startup Wife, follows the story of a talented coder named Asha who creates an algorithm for an app (inspired by her husband) that replaces religious rituals and is an instant hit. But of course, with the fame, money and success comes tons of drama, and Asha’s seemingly perfect marriage and career is on the verge of crashing down.

A satirical novel that explores the impact of AI on faith and human connection, and an exploration of women’s involvement in the tech industry, The Startup Wife is sure to be a wickedly good read. It hits the shelves on July 13th.

2. Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition

Just a few weeks ago I picked up Spin The Dawn by Elizabeth Lim and finished it in 24 hours. I barely eat, I could barely focus on work, and who even cares about sleeping when you have a beautiful, captivating Asian-inspired fantasy waiting for you?

Suffice to say I am now a faithful fan of Elizabeth Lim and I will happily read every book she writes. Her newest release, Six Crimson Cranes is a retelling of one of my favorite childhood fairy tale, The Wild Swans by Hans Christen Anderson.

The original fairy tale follows the story of a princess who must rescue her 11 brothers from a terrible curse cast by their step-mother, without ever speaking to anyone or else the curse would kill her brothers.

Six Crimson Cranes follows the same premise but with a twist; it will hit the shelves on July 8th and is sure to be as captivating as all of Lim’s previous works in the YA fantasy genre.

3. If You, Then Me by Yvonne Woon

Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition

With Covid-19 still on the rise and the stress of trying to get a work-life balance, this year I found myself enjoying light contemporary romances a lot more than I ever did before. And one such cutesy love story that I am looking forward to reading is If You, Then Me by Yvonne Woon.

Pitched as Emergency Contact meets When Dimple Met Rishi, two books that I absolutely loved, If You, Then Me follows the story of Xia whose life takes unexpected twists and turns when she gets into one of the top tech incubators in Silicon Valley.

Though a romance novel, the story also dives into the cutthroat nature of Silicon Valley and the pressures women in STEM face when trying to kickstart their career in tech.

This Young Adult coming-of-age romance novel comes out on July 6th, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

4. Rise To The Sun by Leah Johnson

Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition

Speaking of cutesy romances, Rise To The Sun by Leah Johnson comes out on July 6th too, and it’s a heartwarming LGBTQ love story featuring Olivia, who is an expert at falling in love and getting her heart broken (ahem…sounds a lot like me if I am being honest), and Toni, who is trying to recover from a personal tragedy while beginning a new chapter in her life. The two cross paths at a music festival where sparks fly and bitter wounds are healed.

Sounds a bit cliché, but definitely super wholesome and cute if you ask me.

5. They’ll Never Catch Us by Jessica Goodman

Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition

Cutesy romance and whimsical fantasies are not the only books I am looking forward to this July. They’ll Never Catch Us by Jessica Goodman, which also comes out on July 6th, is sure to be a thrilling page-turner.

The story follows the two talented Steckler sisters, who are trying to get the top spot in their cross-country team and thus escape their small town for good. However, things get messy when a new girl appears and becomes both their most formidable rival and closest friend…until she mysteriously vanishes.

Creepy, and full of suspense, this is the kind of book that I know will keep my up all night reading.

6. Small Favors by Erin. A. Craig

Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition

A small quiet town, mysterious creatures and strange events plaguing the townsfolk…sounds like the perfect paranormal thriller doesn’t it?

Small Favors by Erin A. Craig is both a historical fiction and a young adult fantasy set in Amity Falls, a quaint little town where strange visitors come to fulfill the deepest desires of the residents…for small favors that lead to their own undoing. It comes out on July 20th, so if you enjoy reading fantasy thrillers, make sure to mark the date on your calendar.

7. The River Has Teeth by Erica Waters

Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition

Speaking of intense, dark thrillers and the paranormal, one of the most anticipated books of July 2021 that I am looking forward to is The River Has Teeth by Erica Waters.

Told in dual narratives, the story follows Natasha and Della; one is determined to find her lost sister who had mysteriously vanished, and the other who is determined to help even if it means going against her own mother who might be responsible for the disappearance.

A young adult horror fantasy with a touch of queer romance, this book comes out on July 27th.

Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition

And that wraps up my list of the most anticipated book releases of July 2021. Which of these books are you looking forward to? Share your TBR list in the comments below and let me know which book I should add to my own TBR too!

Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition



7 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Book Releases: July 2021 Edition”

  1. If you, then me is one i’m also excited for too! I gotta say the ritual app is making me quite interrested.. i LOVE when books create little knacks like that within their stories (One by One was another one I loved- having an app where you could snoop & listen what someone else was too)

    1. Right? I love the creativity honestly because it might really just be possible in real life too, with the way technology is changing everything.

      Thank you so much for dropping by Kristina!

  2. I’m super excited for Six Crimson Cranes as well! I don’t think I read the original tale, but so far based on previous experiences with Lim’s other works, I think I’ll love this just as much.

    Rise to the Sun is another I’m looking forward to! I loved You Should See Me in Crown, so I have high hopes.

  3. Oooh, I hadn’t heard anything about The Startup Wife or If You Then Me! I’m very excited for Six Crimson Cranes, Small Favors, and They’ll Never Catch Us — I lowkey forgot about The River Has Teeth, I thought it was a 2022 release oops

    1. I am gonna start Six Crimson Cranes this weekend and I can’t tell you how excited I am! There are so many great books coming out this month 🤩 I hope you get around to The Startup Wife, Tahmima Anam is a brilliant writer!

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