May 2022
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Monthly Wrap Up: May 2022

Phew! We are already nearly halfway through the year. How did the time go by so fast?

So far, 2022 has been pretty great, Alhamdulillah. But the month of May has been epic! Here’s my wrap up of May 2022, in which I have made several beautiful memories and taken baby steps to become a happier, more self-aware version of myself. <3

Monthly Wrap Up: May 2022

1. I got back to book blogging!

It’s been great to return to book blogging after a much-needed break. Not only do I actually feel happy writing up posts waaayyy past my bedtime, but I have also noticed that I am reading faster and with more enthusiasm than before.

2. I am on track with my reading goals for the year!

This year, I cut down my GoodReads Reading Challenge from 50 to 22 books. That’s about one book for every month. Reason? This year, I want to dedicate more of my free time to doing more things other than reading–focusing on my writing, doing a few skill development courses online, watching more movies and TV shows, and maybe even travelling if I can afford to!

So far, I am right on track with my goals. And, because I have been going slow when it comes to reading, I have actually found the time to watch some really great shows and movies this year.

3. I finally finished Jane The Virgin

It seems silly to add this in my monthly review, but I started watching Jane The Virgin way back in 2019 and couldn’t finish it because I simply couldn’t find the time. Since I have been trying to use my free time in a more…balanced way, I was finally able to finish Jane The Virgin. And my goodness, what a beautiful show it is! Click on the link below to read my full review of it.

I also finished watching The Witcher series on Netflix, and was blown away by it. Normally I don’t usually watch TV shows that have gore and violence tags on it, but I am glad I made an exception for this one.

4. I went to Nepal!

This is honestly the highlight of this month! I have never travelled abroad before, partly because I could not afford it on my own and partly because my parents would not allow me to travel solo anyway (we are still working on it at the moment, I know I can convince them now that I am in my 20’s).

My trip to Nepal was actually our annual retreat at my workplace. The company I work at took care of all expenses–from plane fares, transportation, food, hotel, everything. I only had to carry money for my own personal shopping and what not.

Nepal is quite similar to Bangladesh, in terms of natural scenic beauty, and still completely unique and breathtaking on its own rights. I never imagined I’d be able to see the Himalayas, or the peak of Mt. Everest with my own eyes! And that’s just a small part of my trip to Nepal, I’ll be sharing a more detailed blog post soon about all the beautiful memories I have made there with some of my most favorite people.

There are tons of more things that I have done this month, but these are honestly at the forefront of my mind right now. May 2022 has been wonderful, and I am hopeful that the rest of the year will be just as beautiful and full of wonderful memories too. <3

Monthly Wrap Up: May 2022



4 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: May 2022”

  1. AHHHHH I’m so happy you’re back in book blogging! I’ve missed seeing you around, but I’m also happy that you took the break that you needed. <3

    I'm excited to read your post about Nepal and live vicariously through you! I'm glad you had fun. (Also I absolutely relate to your parents not allowing you to travel solo because mine is the exact same way, though even though I'm in my 20s they're not very cool about it. Thankfully no work retreats yet, but I'll cross that bridge when and if that happens.)

    1. I hope you can get away and go on a dreamy solo trip too! I am still trying to convince my parents to let me go on a solo trip to Thailand. They are still not budging, but I am not giving up just yet either!

  2. Welcome back to blogger. It must be so nice to visit Nepal. I always wanted to go to Nepal.
    Have a wonderful June.

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