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Blog Tour: All I’ve Wanted, All I’ve Needed By A. E. Valdez [Excerpt + International Giveaway]

Perhaps it is just the monotony of staying indoors under lockdown in this pandemic, but lately I have been reading more and more contemporary romance novels. And All I’ve Wanted, All I’ve Needed by A. E. Valdez is one of those sweeping romances that’s been on my TBR list.

Blog Tour: All I've Wanted, All I've Needed By A. E. Valdez [Excerpt + International Giveaway]

Following the story of Harlow Shaw who believes in things that are meant to be and happily ever afters (ahem…sounds a lot like me if I am being honest), All I’ve Wanted, All I’ve Needed by A. E. Valdez is a beautiful story about new beginnings, and discovering what you really want out of life and going for it unapologetically.

Thank you so much Xpresso Book Tours for choosing me as a host for this tour! 💜


Blog Tour: All I've Wanted, All I've Needed By A. E. Valdez [Excerpt + International Giveaway]

Harlow Shaw feels naïve for believing in happily ever afters but she craves a love that lights her up.

She thought she had it all with her boyfriend. Until his promising baseball career overshadows their relationship and he asks her a life changing question. It causes her to wonder if what they have is all she ever truly wanted.

Harlow is yearning for more than the curated life she is living.

A trip to Bali, a move to Seattle, and a “burned” cup of coffee lead her to a friendship she didn’t know she needed and a love so deep she can feel it in her bones. 

About The Author

Blog Tour: All I've Wanted, All I've Needed By A. E. Valdez [Excerpt + International Giveaway]

A.E. Valdez discovered her passion for writing when she was given a journal by her 5th grade teacher and has been creating poetry, works of fiction, and gaming narratives ever since. As a child, she wanted to read more stories with people that looked like her.

She loves all things romance, from heartbreak to happily ever afters. She pours her own heart and soul into the stories she brings to life. Causing readers to fall in, and sometimes out, of love alongside her characters.

Amanda currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their two sons. Most days you can find her sipping on an iced latte while she writes or enjoying time with her family.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored a post, and I am not an affiliate. I do not receive any financial gain from promoting this book. I am only doing my part to support the author as a host for this blog tour.

Blog Tour: All I've Wanted, All I've Needed By A. E. Valdez [Excerpt + International Giveaway]

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Exclusive Excerpt From All I’ve Wanted, All I’ve Needed

Excerpt 1


I should’ve known something was up when a race red Ferrari pulled up to my house. Hendrix has always been flashy, from his material items to his personality. He commands the spaces he occupies. Hendrix is a man used to going after, and getting, anything and anyone he wants. 

Except me. I’m the girl to tell him, “No.” 

My response stuns him, and he asks, “It’s a no then?” 

Slowly, he rises from the kneeling position he adopted mere seconds ago to ask me this life changing question.

“You deserve better than me,” I say as tears sting my eyes. I’m aware people are staring now. I thought we were in for an intimate night, sitting at a candle-lit table scattered with rose petals, tucked away at the back of the restaurant. But there’s nothing intimate about prying eyes focused on us, watching me refuse my boyfriend’s proposal.

He sits back down in his seat and reaches across the table for my hand. “You’re my beginning and end, Harlow. All I want is you.” 

I can’t bring myself to meet his gaze. Staring into his honey brown eyes will only make this harder. 

He watches me in silence, probably trying to figure out why I would say no to his proposal. We’ve been together for two years and things were going great. We’re often the couple people describe as “relationship goals.” But despite seeming picture perfect, I can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t lasting love.

“Don’t you ever feel like we’re just settling, Hendrix? As though we’re together because we’re comfortable, not because we’re in love with one another?” My eyes still haven’t met his. I didn’t want to have to sift through this with him tonight. I hadn’t expected him to propose to me. I for damn sure didn’t expect him to do it in a public place. 

Still not letting go of my hand, he asks, “Are you saying you’re no longer in love with me?” 

Excerpt 2

I make my way back to the counter and hear the door open as someone enters. When I glance up, I see that it’s Sevyn and she looks like she just stepped off the runway. She is dressed in a black jumpsuit with a Gucci belt cinched around her waist, her deep red curls frame her face, and she carries a black clutch in her hand. She waves when she sees me. “I was worried I would miss you! I took a little longer than I anticipated to get ready.” She twirls on the spot. 

“You look drop dead gorgeous. Zane is going to eat you up!” I say.

“You weren’t lying, this shop is a whole vibe,” she remarks as she looks around. 

The coffee shop has an industrial design with warm, rich colors throughout. There is a stage for performances, coffee tables in the center of the shop, and then plush chairs are scattered throughout. One of the walls has a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that is stacked with a variety of books. Ava and West did a good job creating a space where you can relax and socialize. 

“It really is. Did you want me to make you something?” I ask as I walk behind the counter and wash my hands. 

Sevyn scrunches up her face as she studies the menu behind me. “Mmm… let me get the house blend, please.”

“Alright, coming right up.” I busy myself with making the shots. I’m listening to Sevyn talk when I look up and the air is stolen from my lungs. A guy strides in and every inch of his rich copper brown skin that I can see is adorned with tattoos. My eyes slowly rake up his hands and arms emblazoned with the most intricate ink. I imagine tracing each one with my fingertips. Ink covers the piece of chest exposed at the V-neck of his shirt that is pulled tautly over his broad shoulders. They continue to coil around his neck and abruptly stop at his sharp jawline. There are no tattoos on his face and his lips are plump. They look soft enough to kiss. Our eyes lock onto one another; his are pensive and remind me of embers in a fire. 

Sevyn continues talking to me, but I don’t hear her. All noise is drowned out as we continue to look into one another’s eyes. I tear my gaze away when the shot of coffee I am holding spills over the sides of the shot glass and onto my finger. “Shit,” I hiss pulling my hand away.

“Are you okay?” Sevyn asks. 

“I’m alright,” I say while observing my fingers that are now beginning to turn red. “Just got a little distracted is all.” The guy who is the source of my distraction chuckles and heat creeps up my neck. 

Sevyn turns her attention to him. “Well, well, well, nice of you to finally arrive.” 

I try not to stare between them, but he is hard not to look at. I wonder if they’re related. His gaze moves to Sev, and I feel ridiculous for being disappointed his eyes are no longer on me. 

“You act like you didn’t just see me this past weekend.” His voice is smooth and deep.

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Blog Tour: All I've Wanted, All I've Needed By A. E. Valdez [Excerpt + International Giveaway]



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