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Vote For NEW Sims 4 Kits This May 2023

The Sims 4 team has opened up Community Voting once again for the next upcoming releases, and this time, we get to vote for new Sims 4 Kits that will focus on both Create A Sim items as well as Build/Buy mode items!

I have never really participated in Community Voting before, but this time, they are letting us choose between Rainbow Core Style and Goth Fashion for Create A Sim items, so I knew I had to jump in and cast my vote for these kits.

Vote For Sims 4 Kits

That, and we ALSO get to pick between Medieval and Futuristic themes for Build/Buy mode objects, so, of course, I had to pitch in on that.

Here’s the original tweet from The Sims official Twitter account.

What To Expect In Upcoming Sims 4 Kits

As someone who has been in love with the Sims 4 game (not only is it fun, but it helps me with my anxiety a lot), I am always excited about the news of upcoming Sims 4 releases.

Unpopular opinion: I actually love Sims 4 Kits because they add all these extra items that tie in perfectly with other items from in-game expansion packs and game packs. I absolutely LOVED the Moonlight Chic and Little Campers Kits and fell head over heels in love with Incheon Arrivals Kit–I think most, if not all, of my sims wear items from these two kits because they are just absolutely gorgeous!

However, I will admit that there has been a little too much of the fun, bright and colorful, chic styles in The Sims 4 Create A Sims items. And that’s why when I cast my vote for new Sims 4 kits last night, I picked Goth Fashion and High Tech Futurism. Here’s a look at the concept art for both of these kits.

Rainbow Core Style vs Goth Fashion For Create A Sim Items

As much as I love a good pastel pop, we have waaayyyy too much of funky and bright outfits in Sims 4. I’d love to see more edgy, dark, gothic style clothing and accessories for my sims; I am a little tired of reusing the same stuff from Realm of Magic and Vampires packs.

Medieval Castle vs High Tech Futurism For Build/Buy Mode Objects

Vote For New Sims 4 Kits

I know most simmers would go for Medieval Castle (because we have 0 Build/Buy mode objects in that theme), I would personally love some good futuristic objects that will actually tie in all the future/sci-fi or space-themed items we got from Base Game, Get To Work, Journey To Batuu and even Get Famous packs. Plus, a medieval theme would not fit in well with the rest of the current worlds in Sims 4, but a futuristic world would fit in just fine since we have aliens and Batuu in-game.

Ending Soon: Vote For New Sims 4 Kits Before May 21!

Which of these Sims 4 Kits would you vote for? If you want to pitch in and choose what comes out in the upcoming releases for Sims 4, head over to the official page here and vote for new Sims 4 Kits before May 21, at 7PM Pacific Time!

Vote For NEW Sims 4 Kits This May 2023



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