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Today And Forevermore, Tell The Story Of Palestine

It’s been one month of endless bombings in Gaza. One month of endless killing and destruction of civilians for the alleged purpose of eliminating a handful of terrorists. One month of debating whether the lives of 8000+ children justify avenging 200 hostages. One month of not acknowledging the actual world powers who have so much to gain from the erasure and colonization of Palestine.

One month of one of the wealthiest nations in the world, with the most advanced military technology, methodically crushing the lives of people whose only self-defense is homemade rocket missiles. People who were banned from using the colors red, black, white, and green, and so they have resorted to using watermelons as a symbol of their resistance and defiance.

One month of protestors coming out in tens of thousands, rallying on the streets and demanding ceasefire. One month of the news and media outlets refusing to cover these protests. One month of Spain, Australia and Ireland directly speaking up for Palestinians; even North Korea had voted to send immediate relief to Palestinians at the UN before being vetoed by USA.

What kind of poeple say no relief for victims of a genocide?

I wonder if the day will ever come when I will be able to make sense of all this senseless violence. When I will have the utmost privilege of understanding even a fraction of God’s plan.

He is infinite. A month to him is less than a moment. The Quran says 6 billion years to Him is like 6 days.

But surely the lives that are being brutally snuffed out mean more than that?

We have failed our children in the worst possible ways and the only shred of peace and comfort I can find is how, atleast this time, we are not speechless. At least for once we are not silent.

We will keep telling the story of Palestine for generations to come. I want to scream from the river to the sea, but my heart fears that Palestine will never be free. But even if my fears come true, I know that we will still remember them, their stories, their resilience and we will the future generations about them year after year after years and that is how they will always live on.

Today And Forevermore, Tell The Story Of Palestine



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