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Review: Somewhere In Between By Katie Li

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Ratings: 3/5  ☕☕☕



 I really want to give this book good ratings because there were so many parts that were brilliantly written. Katie Li is a talented writer, one I would definitely want to read more from, and while her debut novel Somewhere In Between is a beautiful story that will transport you away from the real world, it has several issues which are preventing me from putting this particular on my best-reads list.

The Writing: Katie Li’s writing is very simple and yet has a sort of charm to it that will  draw you in. Her descriptions of the surroundings—both in the real world and in the in-between place—is so lifelike that you cannot help but feel like you are actually there, Continue reading “Review: Somewhere In Between By Katie Li”