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Hi everyone! So this is definitely a very belated post but hey–better late than never right? I was nominated for this award by Trey Schnarr and let me tell you something—I’m a newbie blogger, and a few people on the blogosphere (such as Trey) sort of have a celebrity status in my eyes. I’m literally in awe of them. So go ahead and check out his blog if you haven’t already!

Trey’s questions for me:

Who are your top three favorite characters?

I can practically see Trey smiling wickedly as I write. This is the most horrible question you can ask a bookworm. I mean, can you choose between your own children? Cause that’s how I’m feeling right now!



Anyways off the top of my head I think I’ll say The Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy (I like evil men and I don’t know why. Stop judging me!), Sasha from the Many-Worlds Trilogy (I relate to her so much) and Ash Redfern from the Night World series

Now, with your top three characters, which one would you be, room and cliff then explain why you did what you did!

Definitely hating Trey right now for torturing me like this. I would obviously be Sasha cause I can just understand her so well! I’d room Ash causehe is a vampire-playboy who turns good even though he comes from the most powerful and notoriously evil familes. And he’s hot. Like really hot. And I guess that means I’d cliff The Darkling and while it breaks my heart to do it, I don’t really mind. It’s one thing to fantasize about psychopaths and another thing to actually see them as a love interest.

What book character do you hate but everyone loves?

Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey. I hate the book. I hate the characters. And I hate the so-called swoon-worthy panty-dropping mysterious Grey.




What is your least favorite book trope besides the obvious (like love triangles, instalove etc.)?

The absence of adult figures and other family members in YA books. I mean c’mon most normal parents take an active interest in the lives of their kids and obviously play a very big role too. Or at the very least, have a regular interaction with them. Not in YA. Either they are stupid parents, or they are cruel/mean/abusive parents. It’s so common that I have to include it as a trope, and I can’t understand why authors feel the need to make parents seem so careless and their roles so insignificant.


What question would you ask your favorite author?

This will come off as creepy but I would ask for their number so that I could call them up every time I feel my writing is crap. But like I said, that would be creepy, so I’ll just ask them to take a picture with me.

Do you buy a bunch of books at a time or just buy one book, read it and repeat?

When it comes to physical books I buy a bunch at a time. I go book-shopping rarely because my mom stopped letting me once she found out the magic of e-books. We are a family of avid readers (on my mom’s side it’s more like generations of avid readers) so we already have too many books in our house.

What is your favorite underhyped book you wish more people would read?

I am going to say the Many-Worlds Trilogy by Anna Jarzab, Hereafter trilogy by Tara Hudson and The Light Trilogy by Lauren Bird Horowitz. Every time I mention these books to someone and that person says s/he hasn’t read it, this is what I feel like doing


Any books or book series everyone loves but you refuse to read?

The Harry Potter series. I ain’t reading it. You can’t make me. Nope.


Did you have any books you weren’t allowed to read when you were younger? Have you read them now?

I don’t remember having that many restrictions when it came to reading because my family has such a huge collection of books that there was always plenty of age appropriate books for me. Plus, I always used to get books on my birthdays, on Eid, on New Year so I never really felt the urge to read something that wasn’t already handed to me.

The only books that I remember not being allowed to read was Roots by Alex Haley. I asked for it when I was 12 but my mom said no because it was too graphic and violent and depressing. I haven’t read it now, but I plan on doing so this December hopefully.

And now for the nominations! I nominate you because you have been so incredibly supportive during my short journey as newbie blogger. If it wasn’t for you, I probably never would have returned from hiatus:

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I’m having a hard time coming up with creative questions of the moment, so I am going to do something different. Instead of asking you 10 questions, why don’t you list 10 things you have always wanted people to ask you (or 10 things you wanted to ask other people) but never did.

Of course, you don’t have to write a post. I just wanted to thank you guys for sticking with me these last two months. Love you all!

Siblinghood Of The World Blogger Awards



14 thoughts on “Siblinghood Of The World Blogger Awards”

  1. I also know someone from here who gets gifts, books included, during Eid (my country has diverse culture) and it’s sooooo envying! Lots of adults giving gifts and stuff 😀

    1. Books are definitely the kind of gifts I will NEVER get tired of recieving! And wow that’s so cool about your country! Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking?

      1. Philippines! 🙂 We’re a Catholic country but there’s a considerably huge population of muslims too so our government makes Eid and Ramadan a regular holiday 😀

  2. Celebrity status? Awwww, but I hardly think I have any status here. XD
    *gasp* Whaaaaaa? I was totally not smiling wickedly as I read your first answer. Nope! XD I knew it would be torture for you to have to pick your favorites THEN PUSH ONE OFF A CLIFF! MAUAHA!
    Yes! I hate it when YA books have either awful, stupid or no parents. I don’t mind it every once and awhile but I can’t really think of a YA book where I was like “Oh, I really like that parent.”
    Baha! That’s the best question for an author EVER!
    I haven’t read any of those books. *adds to TBR* SOON! VERY SOON!
    Same here with HP. Sorry guys, I ain’t readin’ it. My best friend loves it and is like “BUT YOU HAVE TO.” and I’m like “No, I actually don’t.” XD
    I haven’t heard of Roots before, but if/when you do read it, I’d love to see a review on it!!
    Hehe, you nominate me? (I could be completely stupid and you’re talking to ‘you’ as in ‘everyone’ baha) Aw thanks!!
    Loved the post and I’m glad to see you’re back!

    1. Hello Trey! I’m glad to see you here 😄! Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t have internet connection for days 😧. I swear it felt like being in the cavemen era.

      I’ll be sure to let you know how I liked Roots when I read it. How did NanoWriMo go?

      1. Haha, that’s fine! *GASP* NO INTERNET??? HOW DID YOU LIIIIIIIIVE?
        Great! I can’t wait to see what you think!
        NaNo went really well! 115K words and a completed draft, so I’m pretty happy! Thanks for asking.

  3. Oooh I love these questions! Thank you for nominating me to do this award! I might very well do it sometime this week. I absolutely loved your answers too. 💓

    1. Hi Josie! It’s no big. Being a newbie blogger is tough but you guys have made it super fun and easy for me. 💟

      Also you don’t have to do a post if you don’t want to. Thanks for the visit though 😊

      1. I’m so glad we could make the experience a little easier for you! Being a newbie is tough, I know! That was me at the beginning of this year. 💕

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