Characters Who You Feel Reflect You As A Person
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Characters Who You Feel Reflect You As A Person

Happy Friday friends! This is my first time participating in Let’s Talk Bookish, a weekly meme originally created by Rukky from Eternity Books and now being hosted by Aria from Book Nook Bits.

Characters Who You Feel Reflect You As A Person

This week’s prompt is about characters who reflect you as a person. It goes without saying that this prompt is definitely about book characters, but unfortunately in my case, I have to read about a character who truly reflected me, or who I could relate to 100%.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of fictional characters who have had experiences that resonated with me, characters with whom I could relate but only to a certain degree. I cannot say I have ever read any book character who felt like an extension of me in a fictional world.

BUT, there is one such character from a TV series that I absolutely adore, and though this character is from a drama series rather than a book, she is also an avid reader and an aspiring writer, so perhaps I can talk about her in this post?

This character is none other than Jane Gloriana Villanueva, the main titular character from the super hit Venezuelan-inspired telenovela Jane The Virgin. The dramedy itself is an absolute gem, and you can read my spoiler-free review of it here.

For me personally, there were a lot of things that I loved about this show, and the main character Jane is one of them. I have never been able to relate so much to any fictional character the way I could with Jane Gloriana Villanueva.

Raised in a religious and conservative family like Jane, I grew up as a devout, observant Muslim. But just like Jane, as my experiences in life forced me to make decisions I never thought I would make, there came a point where my own needs and my personal beliefs became conflicting. It was cathartic to see the way Jane reconciled both of these contradictory parts of herself, and it made me feel that I wasn’t really a terrible person for choosing to have faith and still living my life on my own terms.

Like Jane, I dream of becoming a successful published author someday. And just like Jane, I have been spending years preparing for a career that is more realistic and stable than making art. Watching Jane have this realization and gathering the courage to chase after her dreams have given me the confidence to do the same–and I am not going to lie; it’s difficult trying to juggle a full-time job while making time to write a book.

And these are only some of the things that made it easy for me to relate with Jane. There are tons of tiny little quirks, habits, and more that Jane Villanueva and I seem to share. We both tend to be anxious, and occasionally judgemental even though that’s not our intention. We both believe in signs and things that are meant to be, we are both hopeless romantics at heart.

Like Jane, I love to plan every little detail in advance and want to have control over everything in my life. The thought of something unexpected or unpredictable happening to me is terrifying, but like Jane, I have learned to accept that’s how life is.

And just as Jane Villanueva used these unpredictable plot twists in her own life to grow into the best version of herself, I hope to do the same too.

Characters Who You Feel Reflect You As A Person

Now it’s your turn! Which character do you relate to the most? And if you have participated in this week’s Let’s Talk Bookish topic, share the link below and I’ll make sure to check it ou. <3

Characters Who You Feel Reflect You As A Person



2 thoughts on “Characters Who You Feel Reflect You As A Person”

  1. Isn’t it amazing to really see yourself in a character?! I’m so happy you found one for yourself! ❤️ That is alot of common points.

    Though I still haven’t watched it, as i’m not much of a TV show person, I did heard lots of great things from this one!

    1. Oh this is a very beautifully made TV series, a romantic comedy that not only will make you laugh but also cry and the entire show often touches upon important topics in the most thoughtful way. If you are ever in the mood for a Netflix binge, definitely start with Jane The Virgin!

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