10 Reasons Thursday Topics (Dec"15)

Ten Reasons Thursday is a weekly meme originally created here on Bookish Freaks to help you get ideas for discussion posts. Do link back to me if you try this out.

While the name of the meme is Ten Reasons Thursday, you can do as little as two or as many as 15. This is simply a discussion prompt meme to help you churn out more discussion posts. Feel free to do this however you like, and even do a little spin-off on each week’s topic. You may even try out past topics if you want.

December 3: Ten Reasons To Join _____ site (or Ten Reasons to Not Join ___ site)

December 10: Ten Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than Blogger (or vice versa. If you want you can choose any two different sites and give reasons why one is better than the other)

December 17: Ten Reasons To Not Abandon That Book Until The Last Page (you can do it the other way too and give reasons why you DNF certain books)

December 24: Christmas Freebie

December 31: New Year Freebie


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