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Netflix Series Review: Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin

A story about a young devout Catholic woman whose turns upside down when she is accidentally, artificially inseminated, Jane The Virgin is a refreshingly wholesome romantic comedy that takes all the classic telenovela tropes and cleverly deconstructs them.

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Before The Keysmash Blog, there was Bookish Freaks, the very first book blog that I created at the age of 15. With time I realized that although I LOVE talking and writing about books, I was yearning for something more. A place to share my thoughts on things that happened to me as I grew older. A place where I can freely talk about how certain works of film and literature made me feel.

In other words, I wanted a safe space where I could be my most authentic self without any fear of judgement, a luxury that I cannot afford in real life, where the people I know may not always accept my perspective or opinions.

And that’s what led me to creating The Keysmash Blog. Here, I have conversations (mostly with myself) about all the things that truly matter to me, things that people who know me in real life may not always be able to connect with or understand. This is my little bubble of the internet.

And you are more than welcome to explore this safe space of mine, and share your thoughts too.

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Tanaz Masaba

I am a content creator with a passion for writing–be it for tech products, book reviews, or film recommendations. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. My hobbies include blogging, reading, and obsessing over all things Disney.

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